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              Tirion Group Inc


Tirion commenced business as a holding company in 2001 in the Oil and Gas sector developing investments in exploration and production projects, long term petroleum marketing programs, and holdings in the downstream Oil market

The company operates as:

  • Tirion Group Inc. (Tirion) is domiciled in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), with its administrative base in Geneva
  • Tirion UK Ltd (TUK) is an associate company and the UK management office was established in 2003, with an associate office in Cyprus.
  • TT Energy (TTE) houses the marketing activities in the Oil and Gas sector.

Group Business Activities:

Tirion is involved with exploration and production in Oil and Gas sector. Activities commenced in 2001 in oil and product marketing. In 2004 an asset in Kazakhstan was first explored and successfully exited in 2006 albeit prematurely. In 2005 and 2006 investments were made in the USA, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and South Africa.

The investments in the USA in 2006 were established resulting in limited success apart from understanding the benefits of the US E&P potential towards sound cash flow and well protected and structured licensing regulations. The US up stream assets was exited in 2007 and 2008. An understanding of the Florida area provided a useful background; Tirion has since returned with the intention of acquiring existing oil production and development acreage in the Sunniland trend.

The South African on shore gas investment has recently provided exceptionally high potential productivity results from the provisional drill tests. The asset will look to partly subsidise the reliance on the country’s on coal fired power generation.

The current strategy on the E&P focus is divided into two phases commencing with the securing of oil and gas production in the USA followed by further development on specific core E&P projects in the FSU and African regions.

The marketing business is retained working long term Oil and Gas planning arising from E&P developments, and providing trade based commission income.

Tirion has a formal relationship with a Norwegian and South Korean multinational group covering E&P gas projects and LNG commercialisation, in particular the recent move towards floating liquefaction wherein Tirion has a considerable understanding the commercialisation for stranded gas assets.

Tirion has a contact profile in certain financing areas with banks, private equity and energy development funds, which are accessed for project funding requirements.

The Southern African development process involves senior level political and State associations. The investment in on shore shale gas assets shared with South African State petroleum arm and the IDC funding will secure production in 2012.

The FSU management role is complemented by key area based consultants and business partners; the follow up to the Kazakhstan assets being a key focus in 2011 involving an EU based corporate to complete current business plans.